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The One On The Bike, Moaning “Sooooooo Coooooooold”

Positive:  It was so nice this morning, with the sun and the breezes.

Negative: At some point after dark it dropped like 20 degrees and the breeze turned to wind, painful eye-scraping wind.  Gym shorts are irrelevant against cold and wind.  Pants are necessary.

Positive:  The cold sure numbed all those sore bits right up.

So I get a warm shower before I head out to get some more organic wine for that V-day tasting business…

Run Into Me? Please Don’t

Have I biked around enough to earn whining rights yet?  My rear hurts and I need to share, so I’ll chance it:

I had forgotten precisely how awkward sitting on bike seats is.  All that drainage work on Commonwealth last fall?  I hit all of the resulting cracks and potholes on the way home tonight.  And the batteries in my headlight had died after a few months hidden on a shelf (hidden so well it took me 30 min to find them this morning).  Waaaaah, life is so hard.

But gosh it’s beautiful weather to ride around in!  Here’s hoping my rear goes numb soon, so I can enjoy it all.

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