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Happy Belated Earth Day!

I spent mine being slightly less deathly ill, trying to work, at book club, and moving.  So, not so celebratory, though it was a good book club (We the Living, by Rand- we picked The Martian Chronicles by Bradbury for next month).

Fear not, though, there is a chance for those of us who couldn’t celebrate today to still do Earth Day in style.  This Sunday on the National Mall there’s a big Climate Rally- some sort of demonstration for climate legislation, plus speakers and music.  I am not entirely sure how this is going to catalyze change, but I’ll check it out, if only to bask in a sea of hopeful environmental thoughts for a day.

There more information and an RSVP here, if you’re interested.

Spring has Sprung

Cold and soggy, but it’s here.  Behold!

My Failure Trumped By Our Success

So I’ve messed up the every other day thing technically twice now, but this weekend was most egregious.  In my defense, the weather was so mind-blowingly gorgeous Saturday that I could not possibly sit inside long enough to blog.  Instead I picnic-ed up and art-ed out, then had a party.  And today, I had to sleep and start moving.  Yes, I am moving again,  but it’ll be great:  I’m moving in with my friends, Biking Person/EcoCheap and his wife, and we will live a happy green life together for several months until I have to move again.  I’m excited to blog about our household environmental efforts- they have a real compost pile, and a rain barrel! Think I’ll be able to convince them to try my AC-less summer?  (Actually I’m not sure I could convince me to do that again).

But I was not moving all day.  I spent tonight at the Capitol building, waiting to hear news on passing the health care reform.   The crowds of protestors were small (maybe a hundred?  but I am terrible at crowd estimation, and it was dark and they milled around), and supporters even smaller, but a friend and I found some nice people with a radio playing the CSPAN coverage and we listened to the speeches and chatted through the vote and rejoiced at the passage!  and caught the metro home.  It was a wonderful day, and I am sure you will excuse my posting lateness in your excitement at our first national efforts to protect our right to health care.

Photo is of our group gathered around the radio, waiting for the voting outcome.

Doesn’t the Capital look gorgeous tonight?

All purposeful for once.

Environmental Film Festival

There is one.  It’s going on starting tonight or possibly last week at places all around DC.  Website is here, and the list of movies (over 150 of them!) is here.  They have a lot on food this year, plus some on Bhutan and water and dirt, and some are documentaries and some have characters and plots and elements of fiction.  You can search what’s playing by day, and so many play each day that if you have an evening to kill you will likely find something interesting.  I’m rather interested in “Last Call For Planet Earth“, which appears to be a series of interviews with architects and planners about how their work relates to the environment.  It’s playing the same day as the Kite Festival on the Mall.  Which is also going on the same time as the Cherry Festival.  DC is going to be crowded, but as long as I get to see hundreds of kites in a blue sky, I don’t care.

Phoenix Bikes Show Thursday

I posted about this, but I buried it, and it deserves a headline.  Getcher tickets for $30 online or at the door, and be at the Dome Theatre on Wilson Blvd. in Arlington from 7-9 this Thursday.  There’s food, drinks, bike-power smoothies, helmet tattoos, and a presentation honoring impressive cyclists in the area.  In my head this is based on thigh girth and BMI indexes, but online it sounds more like people who support local cycling, so take it as you will.

Proceeds benefit the Phoenix Bikes education and repair programs, worthy causes indeed.

Review: Restaurant Eve is a Classy Mouth Party

In conclusion, it was a tasty, exciting, and relaxing experience.  It is worth every penny of somebody else’s money.

See, I began with my conclusion because I wanted people actually interested in food to understand that this is not that kind of review.  I will not be waxing eloquent about the freshness of the shallots or the balance of the sauces.  This is partly because I can’t remember the names of the sauces, or if shallots were involved in any dish, but really mostly because I do not have a developed palate.  Also because we got seven courses, chef’s choice, and we got the wine pairing with each of the seven courses, so my memory of the last two or three is a bit dim.

What I will say is that the service was attentive but not annoying, languid so that we could properly enjoy each course and pairing, and I ate sweetbreads (brains!?) and monkfish cheeks.  Monkfish cheeks!  Beats the heck out of my boxed organic macaroni.  The wines were paired thoughtfully, and each selection brought out something new in the food.  None of the combinations of fancy bits we were given seemed too bizarre- though I never even knew monkfish cheeks were a thing one might reasonably eat, so I don’t have the best concept of what’s reasonable.

Also, everything tasted good!  Like, eating each bite was lovely and interesting, and the portions weren’t huge or ludicrously tiny, so you could enjoy all seven courses without bloating, and not tire of each one before you finished.  And brains are chewy.

As to the local, sustainable aspects, you’ve read the news articles.  They do it.  They also had real towels in the restrooms for drying your hands, so no paper waste.  Otherwise they’re not overt about it.

I’d definitely go back to the tasting room, if somebody else was paying.  You’ll enjoy it even if you’re not really into fancy food.  If you go, make sure you go with people you like, since the tastings can last four hours.  I’d like to hit the less-expensive Bistro for dinner and the lunch menu is downright reasonable.

LEDs All Over

This year, the Capitol Christmas Tree and all 56 trees representing states and territories in the White House display are lit entirely with LED lights for the first time.

I’ve got my LEDs up, too, and I’ve solved the blue problem by getting a string of multicolored twinkly lights:  instant efficient holiday cheer.  You can see that the blues are still pretty powerful, though.

colorful LEDs

More pictures (and the Restaurant Eve review!) to follow!

Oh, the monthly goal:  I am grateful for my gym membership in this season of delicious foods.

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