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Waitakere: Eco City Preview

At the Alexandria Summit, Mayor Bob Harvey of Waitakere, New Zealand gave a presentation about his own city’s efforts to become an eco-city. He showed us a very pretty video of the eponymous mountains and some beaches, civic events and so forth, but I couldn’t find it to link for you. Instead, I found a video of their “Trash to Fashion” show. It began as school kids in Waitakere making costumes from waste, and has grown into… well, you’ll see. For your viewing pleasure: the trippy part of eco-cities. (Will this happen when Alexandria does her thing? I hope so.)

Photo Albums: Coral Reefs

For all the pictures I post here, I have many more I’d like to share- so here we go. First up, the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef display at the World Financial Center. I got to see it over the weekend. It was tucked beside a staircase, and I wish the WFC people had at least finished painting the drywall before they put it on display. Maybe a decent coat of blue paint to get us in the mood? But the crochet/coral forms were really cool, and that’s what I was there for. Some of them were made of yarn, and some of trash- plastic bags, magnetic tape, fancy pop-tab additions, jelly fish with bubble wrap tentacles, and so on.  Also, I get why they were behind glass to discourage this particular urge, but some of them looked so soft and nice to touch, or play with…

Next time: obsessive documentation of my sprouts growing.

crochet reef

PS:  Back story on the HCCF here.

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