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And A Thankful New Year

I’m back, and it didn’t even take until Epiphany.  I assume this is due to modern transportation.  I had a good holiday, thanks, and I hope you did too?  I didn’t post a thankfulness even day last month, but goalwise I was feeling it.  Let’s see, it was 31 days, and I gave you about 4 things I was thankful for already, right?  Here’s some of the rest:

The friendly cat that visits my basement, books I have, new books I get, the Chinatown bus services, thrift stores, my savings account, family in interesting foreign lands, Mr. Poof, etsy, pajama pants (esp my grey ones), my sewing machine, the Smiths, Russian history (kinda), houseplants, my GF’s sense of humor, various creamy cheeses (not the bleus), feminist blogs, the color green, salt, my readers and especially commenters, fairy tales, science, the idea of learning languages, forgiveness, haircuts, dinosaurs, hulu, confidence, and grandiose plans.

That might be more than 31, which is cool.

Anyway, things are rolling, the new website is being designed, and I have several ideas for goals this month, so maybe I’ll try two.  (I made New Year’s resolutions too this year.  I’m feeling quite energetic in 2009- you may start a pool on when this will peter out.)

I’m purging my apartment so I can organize, so that’s one- Reduce.  Plus, I want to look into how I can travel, greenly, but travel indeed.  The first is self explanatory, I hope- I’ll post a picture of my cleaner closet!- and as for the second, this will be a process. I need to research, consider, and obtain a passport.  Further bulletins as events warrant.


Progress: Volunteerism and Giving

I did ok this month.  I did start volunteering, a little- I showed up in person, for sure, but I haven’t done anything big.  Working on it, getting better, and the GF is my volunteering buddy- we’re interested in volunteering at the same place, so we can push each other to actually show up.  Also, I gave, and planned how to give more (sustainable christmas lists!).  Baby steps.

This month is volunteerism still, of course, and Counting My Blessings.  Yes, one whole month out of life (not really, I’ve got exams) to reflect on how fortunate I am, hopefully posting one thing per day.  Ish.  For instance (to take care of Dec 1-3:  I have a job I like that allows me economic freedom.  I can afford classes for an exciting different job.  My commute to two of those classes is during rush hour- on the part of the beltway no one uses so it’s super-unbelieveably-fast!  Even though those two classes in particular make me want to poke out my eyeballs with a straight edge.  No matter, I’m the girl doing 70 on 495, and it’s 5:15 pm.

How is this sustainable?  I’m betting exercising my gratitudes will make me strong enough to tackle a new year of giving back and helping out and activism and difficult choices and such.  We’ll see.

First day of lucky-me:  The boss is taking us to Restaurant Eve tomorrow!  Salivate drool drool.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m breaking from blogging over the holiday, but I’d like to start a little thanks giving here in the meanwhile. The prompt: what green technology are you thankful for this year?

I’m thankful for Dongtan, a new Chinese city planned to minimize energy use and be all sorts of environmentally friendly. I’m thankful for Dongtan because it shows that China is paying attention to the environment and sustainable living, and it shows that the world’s biggest emissions producer and one of the largest countries on earth can make exciting and inventive changes to the way it operates. I’m thankful for the example that sets to other governments. And I’m thankful for Dongtan because reading articles about it helped sparked my interest in green design and helped inspire me to enroll in architecture school earlier this year.

So, what clean technology are you thankful for?

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