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Update: Countdown

It’s 4 weeks from Christmas Day, and this is an intimidating number for me, given that my Halloween decorations are still up. Fortunately, Rockefeller Center is better prepared for the season than I am. They’re going sustainable, too- their Christmas tree is getting 5 miles of super-efficient LED lights, available in smaller lengths at stores near you. Plus they cut it down with a handsaw, instead of the gas-powered chainsaws. A handsaw! Seriously, this tree is gigantic, and the sweat equity puts some oomph in the season. And they’re going to turn it into lumber for Habitat for Humanity once the season is over.

The article contains a few more tidbits about changes Rockefeller Center is making to be green year-round, with the largest solar roof in New York City and plans for the installation of a green roof. This gives Rockefeller Plaza-based NBC’s fluffy “Green Week” (I posted about it here) much more respectability. And the solar panels are from GE- Jack Donaghy would be proud.

My tree won’t be up until Sunday, when I pick it up from the organic tree farm. I promise photos. Meanwhile, if you’re casting about for gift ideas (after my BHA Gift Guide! Surely you’re all set…) check out these plans from the New American Dream website for thoughtful, inexpensive, and ecohappy gifts. They also have link to “Simplify the Holidays” with a lot of other advice in it for making the holiday season more sustainable and less-consumer driven.

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