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Inauguration Photos and the Aftermath

I’ve got an album of the night prior and the day of up here.  Photos are of the wandering around the streets we did the night before, scoping out some of the parade floats people had left around near 4th St (with keys in the ignition?).  The day of, we walked up from SW, hung out for the speech by the Monument, and then headed back around the tidal basin- you may recognize these places under thousands of people, which is what the pictures are mostly of.

The first picture is of the cookies our lovely host made us for the occasion.

Less than a week after all this coldness and swearing in and bunting, we’ve already got some promising environmental actions coming up!  I mean, I’m cool that President Obama spent last week renouncing torture and closing illegal prisons and refunding programs that offer full reproductive health care services to women, but I was starting to wonder where all the green was.  Today though, Pres O ordered the EPA to reconsider the rejection of California’s request to set their own stricter emissions standards, and asked the Department of Transportation to actually write up the rules to enact a 2007 law requiring a 40% emissions reduction in cars and light trucks.  We’ve had that law since 2007!?  Good grief, and good riddance.  (No use wasting energy on revisiting how much the previous administration made me angry, but I am tempted to add some OMG W SUX everytime I read something like this, for extra catharsis.)

But, oh, we’re getting a Climate Change envoy for the state department too!  I’m happy again.  Working internationally on international problems…it’s like a whole new world that we get to talk to!

About time we got started on that whole thing, too, since evidence is mounting that climate change is practically irreversible by now, and will affect our planet for hundreds of years even if we reduce emissions to almost nothing now.

P.S. Check out EcoCheap’s Inaug story and pictures of the WABA Bike Valet, too!

Photo Albums: Garden, Growing

I thought I had plans last night, but I’d gotten the date wrong. Magically, then, a free evening appeared, which I spent playing with my plants on the deck. I put in Spearmint and Romaine Lettuce, and I’m soaking Sweet Pea seeds. So, to date, I have grown from seed:

Edibles: Shelling Peas, Chives, Basil (purple kind), and Lavender

Flowers: Morning Glories, Cardinal Climber, Kalanchoe (by accident)

I also bought a hydrangea bush (which is unhappy, see– the leaves are getting brown and curling up at the edges, and the flowers are drooping- am I over-watering? Or under-watering? Or does it want sun?), and a Rosemary tree.

Oh, and I finally hooked up my composter the night before last. The excellent Biking person gave me a couple jars of good dirt from his yard, so my starting cultures would be good, and so far nothing smells funny. The housemates have all been instructed in the proper use. I still need to weather- proof it better, but it’s happily reducing food scraps as we speak.

Pea PlantAnd now the albums: first, of my garden from the night of it’s inception, so you can trace the sprout progress. Also, my peas are growing in fantastic folds, like the one to the left, and these others. And it is really amazing how tiny mint seeds are– compare that to the others I’ve planted.

So far, I’m getting seeds from the grocery store. It’s Whole Foods, and they have a little gardening section, but any ideas on where else I could look for stuff? Their selection is rather limited, and the only other place nearby that carries seeds is Target. The hardware store is pretty far away. Also, I’d like to branch out into the mysteries of plant cuttings (har!). Advice, and bits of your plants, would be greatly appreciated.

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