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Enough Castigation, On to Vegetable Pics

My tomatoes are gone, but my red pepper was ready a few days ago.  It had a weird gouge in the side, but we washed it up, and it tasted good with a (store-bought arrrrgh) tomato, olive oil, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Meanwhile, my carrots have nice bushy tops, but apparently their tops are way larger than the carrot bit.  Happy to report they taste like carrot, though they are only half-bite sized right now.

Here is my “still life with tiny carrot”.

Guess they need a few more weeks.


Recipe: Potato Chunks and Cucumber Wheels

To wrap up the eat-vegetables-more month, here are two fast snacks I like to fall back on.

Salted Cucumbers

I will not sport with your intelligence by providing the ingredient list.  Peel the cucumbers, slice them into wheels (or logs if you’re feeling daring, but wheels are so lovely on a plate), and lightly salt them.  The taste is oddly refreshing.  Try different kinds of salt (The GF prefers Lawry’s Salt to just salt) and add slices of cheeses to mix it up.  Thinly sliced sharp cheddar, or chunks of something nutty like Parrano do very well.

It’s hard to not feel elegant whilst eating cucumber.

Baked Potato Chunks


Baking Potatoes (the big brown suckers)

Vegetable/Olive oil



Other Spices to taste- I tried out Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun Something Or Another.  It was ok.

Wash the potatoes and poke fork holes in them.  Nuke them for 3-4 minutes (turn over at half-time) to precook them a little- not to edible consistency yet, though.  Cut the potato up into big rectangular chunks (or dinosaurs of Circles, whatever you like, just make them thick as a thumb, at least).  Stick chunks in a bowl or bag with oil oil and spices, jiggle them about until they’re evenly coated.  Put them on a baking sheet in an oven at about 300, and leave them alone until they brown.  This browning may take longer than you think, depending on pre-cooking time.  Cool, and eat.

Good for a light meal or fast side dish.

New Photo Albums, and An Intro

This weekend, I got much more work done on my laptop case, having been inspired by my sewing class that ended Saturday.  I made a skirt, and let’s just say that I’m glad I chose a garish mustard yellow/pumpkin orange color combo, since it causes viewers to not want to look again to check my seams for accuracy.  It’s possible I’ll wear it in public, but I might also need a bag to wear over my head.  Or I’ll just save it for events I’d rather not attend in the first place.

Laptop CaseThe laptop case fared much better- I found a fantastic yellow chunk of stuff, and so I lined some outside pockets and the inside lid with it, and it’ll be just right for the tape connecting the inner and outer cases, eventually.  I also dove into the strap issue, and got the buckles securely on.  I’m making it up as I go along, really, but it’s turning out wonderfully.  Photos and an explanation are here.

Tonight in between rainstorms I weeded my pots and replanted the ones whose contents had mysteriously died.  Erm.  No idea how… I’ve got no peas or sweet peas left (though seeds for the latter- apparently they’re clTomato flowersimbers!  Who knew!  I’ll get some more things for them to climb, and try again).  I’ve staked both tomato plants, and one of them has gone feral, and grown quite enough for three tomato plants.  It’s got some tiny tomatoes now, though, in clusters of three, and about 15 buds.  Both pepper plants have peppers coming along well, and my “hearty” lettuce is thriving in the alternate scorching sun/torrential downpours we’ve been getting for the past month.  The Swiss Chard, which I planted at the same time as the lettuce, has got two sickly-looking sprouts, so I added more seeds to that container.  Both that and the lettuce are supposed to do well with the heat- I suspect the chard was upset by the rain.  My romaine is seaweedy, but keeps getting bigger. I planted new mint, baby’s breath, poppies, spinach, and cilantro, also, in some of the empty containers.  Photos here.

While on the topic of my gardenous bounty, I should share that I’m a bit worried that it will die/I won’t be around to harvest it.  I’m headed to a family reunion in Hayward, WI for a week this Saturday- I assume the tomato and one of the peppers are preparing to be ripe next Wednesday, drat the luck.  Hopefully I can convince my housemates to water them while I’m away- maybe with edible bribes?  I know they won’t love them like I do.

More on WI soon.  It’s thematic.

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