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Happy Belated Earth Day!

I spent mine being slightly less deathly ill, trying to work, at book club, and moving.  So, not so celebratory, though it was a good book club (We the Living, by Rand- we picked The Martian Chronicles by Bradbury for next month).

Fear not, though, there is a chance for those of us who couldn’t celebrate today to still do Earth Day in style.  This Sunday on the National Mall there’s a big Climate Rally- some sort of demonstration for climate legislation, plus speakers and music.  I am not entirely sure how this is going to catalyze change, but I’ll check it out, if only to bask in a sea of hopeful environmental thoughts for a day.

There more information and an RSVP here, if you’re interested.

Sunday Trip: US Botanic Gardens

usbg exhibitThe Library of Congress is closed on Sundays (who knew?), so I spent the afternoon at the US Botanic Gardens instead. They have a lovely garden outdoors, and some incredible ecosystems inside. Jungle, then grocery-store doors into a desert? Neat!

I’ve got an album for you, of course. Warning! Rated “R” for shiny raindrop-on-rose action.

tree globe botanical garden

The USBG is hosting an exhibit on sustainability through the spring and summer, and had a series of globes festooned with awareness messages sitting around already for it. If you’re looking for a place to take out-of-towners, it’s a nice afternoon stroll on the southeast corner of the National Mall, and it’s right near three different metro stops. Plus you can get a sculptural lecture on the importance of water conservation! Or, you know, ignore the blurbs and concentrate on how many types of weird and beautiful growing things they’ve got hanging out there. Your call.

gratuitous rose

Gratuitous rose close-up!

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