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Good News, Everyone!

They saved almost 400 of the penguins in Brazil!  And Make It Right‘s first green homes are ready for displaced people in New Orleans!

Whew, let’s concentrate on that and forget the rest of the week.  Have a good evening.

Green Homes for the Ninth Ward

As if a real plan to build new homes for former residents of the Ninth Ward could get better, get this: they’re putting solar panels on top! A BBC story gives a few details of the plan and a little diagram of the house plans with their green features- they’ll also be collecting rainwater, and they have what appears to be a roof or wall garden.  The Ninth Ward was one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and rebuilding has been slower there, due partially to the lower incomes of the population impacted. The new homes will cost about $150,000 each. Families who can prove that they lived in the area before Katrina will be expected to contribute what they can towards the cost of the house.

Unfortunately, the BBC considers the big part of this story to be the fact that Brad Pitt is fronting the project (gratuitous Angelina Jolie picture!), so there’s not much detail (a few more details are at the Christian Science Monitor report, but they’re leading with Pitt, too).  I understand the man is in those talking pictures, and he has a great message, and he’s put up $5 million dollars of his own money in matching funds. That’s nice, especially the donation- that’s 33 whole little green houses! Now please tell me more about the green bits. This is inexpensive green home design meant for mass consumption- this is huge!  Not literally.  They’re building a better suburb.  I’m curious if this concentration of money and talent in pitching and designing and building inexpensive green homes is going to have an impact on the market for solar houses, and how.

There’s a website for the project, “Make it Right”, with a nice little video of Pitt talking, and a lot of information about the bright pink canvas shapes/art installations that stand in the place where the homes will be soon. They do have some of the ecofriendliest swag, though!  Organic cotton teeshirts and recycled pink bags.  Details of the actual homes are less specific, but there’s an interactive feature showing how much some of the house parts cost (solar panels: $25,000) and letting you sponsor bits and pieces.  So my ecocuriousity is not satisfied, but it’s a great project, and bodes well for green architecture and the people of New Orleans.

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