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Bike Tires Need Love Too

Remember how I’m really bad at biking, and I feel like I’m working twice as hard as anyone else who ever clambered onto a bike,and I feel like I have the physical conditioning of a throw pillow?

Remember that time Barack Obama said that properly inflated tires will save you fuel?

Well, it’s true, and I learned that in a very humbling way, for a “grown-up” and a Mechanical Engineer.

Wednesday after work, Biking Person/Ecocheap taught me to take care of and change my tires.  I learned how to disassemble my bike, and got to play with all sorts of fun new tools.  We inflated the new* tires to 80psi once they were back on.  The ride home was fantastic!  Pedaling was almost effortless after all that plodding around on nearly-flat tires.  Talk about energy saved- it was way more than 3%.  So, political point made, as I zoom along, feeling much more like a clock radio than a throw pillow.  Not quite a light switch, though.  Are these metaphors making any sense yet?

I never really rode bikes as a kid (grew up on a fairly dangerous country logging road), so I had no idea what a flat tire felt like- or that my tires were under inflated. Did you know bikes have a tire on the outside and a tube on the inside, and it’s the tube you inflate?  How did I get this old without knowing that?  More importantly, why didn’t they teach us that instead of Fluid Dynamics in school?

Now, I have no excuse for such quad-busting ignorance.  I’ll have to find a gage and pump this weekend, and keep my tires (all six of them!) at the proper levels.

*They were new to me.  BP/EC found them in the “please reuse” piles behind Big Wheel Bikes on Prince St.  I’ll check it out this weekend for my pump.  And maybe a bell, though I bet they don’t discard much of that stuff for the first taker.


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