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Can the Tuna

The UN’s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species rejected a proposal to completely ban the fishing of Bluefin Tuna today.  It’s been overfished for years, and populations are down to about 15 or 20% of the population in 1970.  But even if the ban had gone through, Japan said they’d opt out of it, which, yes, seems to indicate they don’t understand the meaning of a complete ban.  Instead they successfully argued that someone else should regulate the fish catch, not the UN, which seems to me to skirt the point of collapsing fish stocks and completely unsustainable fishing practices (red herring kills the bluefin tuna!), but it worked.

CITES also rejected a ban on trade in polar bear parts.  Their meeting continues until the 25th of March, and they’re due to address ivory sales and endangered sharks, too.  I feel like with all this important decision-making about the future of some very endangered species, their should have mug shots on their website with important updates about what they’re going to allow to die out more this year, but it’s mostly information about their meeting’s hotel selection.  There is a poignant animal slideshow deeper into the site, though.

How depressing this all is!  I need to stop imaging a group of bears voting on how many humans to harvest and think of anything else.


Weekend Travels: NYC

Central Park at 59th entrance

I spent a couple days this weekend in New York City, which ended up being a very mixed bag of a time, both in events and greenity.  I took a Chinatown bus up with the Gentleman Friend, with plans to eat sushi and see penguins in Central Park.  Unfortunately, he arrived with some sort of food poisoning, and wasn’t able to eat or move far for most of the weekend.  Best laid plans and such.

According to Canadians, bus travel produces the smallest amount of greenhouse gases in getting from city to city- and fortunately for people who want to travel frequently, buses are the cheapest way, as well.  Me, I go to New York to relax.  Relaxing is more effective when you have so many busy people rushing around to watch.  Nice to realize my chosen method of transport there is earth-friendly.

Not so my meals- poor, brave Gentleman Friend declared himself feeling well enough to watch me eat sushi after a long day of recovery, and I love him for that.  With plenty of restaurants up there, I like to do a little research or ask for recommendations to sort out good ones, and it never once occurred to me to check the sourcing of our food while I was at it.  And even though overfishing of lots of sushi-species is a huge problem, my main concern during that meal was just that the sushi wasn’t that exciting and could have been tastier.  (Overall it was a happy experience, with plenty of help from the staff on picks and my Gentleman Friend gallantly picking at a bowl of plain white rice while I tasted.)  Now that I review my decisions, I find three guides available from different organizations on the best and worst fish to order, based on fishing practices.  Just last night, I had two of the worst- eel and octopus (eel was ok, octopus was rubbery).  Awesome.  And apparently monkfish are a no-no, which makes me regret the cheeks at Restaurant Eve.  Drat!

Fine.  I make mistakes.  There’s an idea in the back of my mind that when one travels, the rules don’t apply, and that’s just a wishful folly.  Now, when you’re in a strange city and have less flexibility or information on sustainable choices, it’s one thing.  With the GF sick, I wouldn’t have dragged him across town for eco-fish even if I’d thought to do it.  But I should have thought.  Therefore, I’ll get a seafood guide from Monteray Bay Aquarium, and try to ingest wisdom for next time.  Maybe the GF will be able to get down more than rice then, too.

So my first travels of the year end in a draw.  The next installments will include turning in my passport application and some hippie fretting over whether I can be green and even contemplate boarding an airplane.

PS:  I saw penguins in real life for the first time yesterday.

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