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Sign Your AC Is On Too High

Pizza Hut AC Sign

I saw this sign on the door of a Pizza Hut in West Virginia, a few weeks ago.  Apparently they only have two A/C settings: “Off” and “Bring Your Jacket”.  Fortunately, many of the rest of us have non-binary air conditioning, and can choose a more comfortable indoor temperature.

What with the heat in DC right now, there are plenty of thing you can do to feel cooler, without setting your A/C on “igloo”.  Drink icy things.  Wear a skirt.  If you’re not man enough to wear a skirt, try shorts.  Take cool showers.  If you must go outside and have a choice on attire, wear gym clothes- they’re more comfortable to sweat in anyway.  Keep your curtains and blinds drawn during the day, to insulate you from the outdoor heat, and prevent sunlight from sneaking in to warm up your interior.  Stay near a fan- moving air will cool you down, and assist your central A/C in moving cool air to the entire house.

More energy saving tips courtesy of the California Energy Commission.  They recommend keeping the AC at 78 degrees or higher, depending on how you can handle it.  Every degree you can raise your thermostat saves you about 1-3% of your energy bill, in the summer.  And right about now, 78 is a cool breeze, compared to the armpit that awaits you outside of your front door.

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