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Yes, Virginia

There is an election today.  You should vote in it, too!

Hey, remember that election a year ago?  That was a great election, hey?  This one might not turn out so well, but get to the polls and we will do what we can.

Democratic Primary on Tuesday

The winner will go up against Bob McDonnell (Republican, unopposed in the primary) in the VA Governor’s election later this year.  Both primaries are being held on Tuesday, actually, and you can pick which one you want to vote in- doesn’t matter if you’re registered for a party or not, since VA has open primaries. More boxes to pick from on the Democratic ballot, though, making that one more fun.

Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe, and Brian Moran are all running in the democratic primary.  I’ve linked there to their home pages (via their Energy and Environment platforms!  Creigh has both, Terry only has energy).  Read up, do some googling, and go vote, if only for the sticker.

My two cents:  I’ll be happy if McAuliffe loses.  The guy is the wrong kind of carpet-bagger.  I’ll be confident if Deeds wins, because I think he has the best shot against McDonnell in the statewide election, since he is the most suited for reassuring moderate Republicans it’s ok to go blue.  It’s the only reason he gets elected to anything in the first place- he comes from a very conservative area.  Also, both his names are awesome.

That said, Moran is the only candidate of the three to oppose offshore oil drilling and the new coal plant in Surrey, he’s got a 100% rating of environmental looooove from the League of Conservation voters, and his environment and energy policies are the best presented and most fleshed out of the three, on their websites.  He’s based in Northern VA, though, and I can very easily see the statewide race devolving into a continuation of the presidential election’s Real VA vs Fake VA mess.   Having had the good fortune to grow up in Real VA, I find it a nice place to be from, and I’d rather the politicians not have a particularly damaging arguement, pitting state against itself.  We know how the last war of northern agression civil war here ended.  ‘Course, Fake VA swung the state blue in Webb’s run, and Obama’s, and we’re a big part of the reason the last two governors have been Democrats, so I bet we could take them.  Bring it.

Check out more political analysis and some recent polls from DailyKos– Deeds is ahead in the primary, but about 30% of people are undecided and there’s probably going to be low voter turn-out- so yes, your vote does matter.

(Oh also there is a primary for Lieutenant Governor at the same time but I have no idea- you’re on your own.)

The Lamest of Ducks

America did a serious, considered, and inspiring thing yesterday.  Let us savor this for a minute.

Now let us take a deep breath, and smile.

Now let us dance in the streets!

Good.  Now to work.  The current administration still has 76 more days to pile up the mess they’re leaving behind.  With the help of the his flacks Stephen Johnson and Dirk Kempthorne at the EPA and the Interior Department, Bush will spend his last days rolling back environmental regulations around the country.  From a NYT editorial summarizing the planned changes:

In coming weeks, we expect the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a final rule that would weaken a program created by the Clean Air Act, which requires utilities to install modern pollution controls when they upgrade their plants to produce more power. The agency is also expected to issue a final rule that would make it easier for coal-fired power plants to locate near national parks in defiance of longstanding Congressional mandates to protect air quality in areas of special natural or recreational value.

Interior also is awaiting E.P.A.’s concurrence on a proposal that would make it easier for mining companies to dump toxic mine wastes in valleys and streams.

These men have betrayed their public trust time and again:  it should not surprise us that they will continue to do so as long as they hold any power.  It should, however, make us mad.  The Obama administration must reverse these policies, and take the responsibilities of the Int. Dept. and EPA seriously.  Fortunately, as with most things, the Pres-elect is on it already.

He’s considering Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the position of EPA head.  Kennedy is an environmental lawyer and environmental activist.  Puttin’ the protection back in the Environmental Agency, whoop!  Well, except for that time he was all against the wind farm off Cape Cod, that was not very helpful.  So, mixed bag, but overall good.

I’m looking forward to hearing more on the cabinet over the next few weeks, but the first news is all right.

Move Along, Nothing More to See Here

Speaking of public figures I find ridiculous, remember when McCain was reliable on environment issues? Like, before he started the campaign? His ideas on environmental and climate protection are now at odds with his own party’s platform. But it’s cool, he’s not serious about the environment or global warming in the first place, not now. One can’t be, when one needs the Republican party to actually vote for you, and them’s just the breaks.

By picking Palin, McCain’s gone ahead and given up all pretence of environmentalism.  Palin thinks global warming happens and that it’s bad for Alaska, but she doesn’t think global warming is a man-made phenomenon.  Fortunately, that makes it logical for her to believe the answer to our energy problem is to drill for as much oil as possible, as soon as possible, since our use of fossil fuels has nothing to do with the danger her state and it’s icy resources are in.  She hasn’t offered other ways to solve the energy crisis, and contradicts herself on whether drilling will actually help or just make us feel like we’re doing something.  Plus she is totally into wildlife, in the sense of she likes to kill it.  Details here and here.

She’s not really big on science or truth anyway, so there she’s consistent.

So, hum a dirge for rational, responsible Republican environmentalism, and head on.

(Specifically, head on over to Biden’s record on the environment.  Obama/Biden are the only candidates left with environmental integrity, so it’s now just great that they have an actual plan to solve the energy crisis and reduce our dependance on oil.  Not that voters concerned about the environment won’t have to settle for whatever this pair doles out, but they give a good, strong product, so whew.  Biden is a fine compliment to all the groundwork Obama’s laid on the issue.  Would that they’d talk it up!)

McCain Not Serious About Capping Emissions? Whatevs.

During an interview on CNN last week (with Glenn Beck, a conservative commentator who “disbelieves” in global warming), one of McCain’s economic advisors said he doubts McCain will follow through on his promise to implement a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases.  Because limiting greenhouse gases is silly and pointless, and of course McCain knows better, no matter what he says to fool those crunchy independents.  There’s a video and transcript, along with reference to another incident this month when McCain’s campaign undermined itself on the topic.  Well, undermine might be too strong, as it would indicate an actual foundation to upset.  His campaign has been having plenty of problems with advisors (and McCain himself) talking against and around his alleged platform, so this kind of contradiction is neither new nor surprising- nor that disruptive to his “message”.

I disagree with the guy on plenty of issues, but I tried to give him credit for at least talking up the environment.   ‘Course, Bush said the same stuff (including praise for cap-and-trade) in 2000, and every SOTU since, and look where that got us.  I should probably cut out the benefit-of-the-doubt stuff, it’s wasting my time.

Looks like after Nov. 4th, we won’t need to worry about what his plan might have been anyway.

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