Here be links to posts and asides on books I’ve read that have mostly to do with sustainability and the environment.  If you’ve got a reading suggestion, or are looking for a blog to review your latest ecotome, email me with particulars- the address is to your right.

Karen Dionne, Freezing Point


Full Post.

Barbara Freese, Coal: A Human History


Full Post.

Marvin Zimmerman, The Ovum Factor


Full Post.

Bjorn Lomborg, “The Skeptical Environmentalist”


Full Post.

Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With the Earth”


I am especially proud of giving my very conservative grandfather Gingrich’s “Contract with the Earth” for his Dec 26th birthday- excellent compromise.


With respect to Newt, I haven’t read his book and I don’t intend to. If anybody does and it says anything interesting (ie, about anything other than tax cuts for everybody! and no emissions caps) then let me know, otherwise I’m going to assume I’ve got Gingrich pegged.


Full post.

Nordhaus and Shellenberger, “BreakThrough”


Break Through spends about 280 pages outlining in detail why, based on sociology and history and economics and street life in Brazil, the authors are very very right about environmental policy and why environmentalists are very very wrong and also negative, angry people. They talk a lot about Brazil. There’s not a whole lot of explanation of their actual policy or anything- other than Thinking Positively and Treating the Crisis as an Opportunity. Also, we must Deal First With Related Issues (this has something to do with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) and they mentioned like one or two bills that they were working on or approved of that were related to this. I was really hoping for a book with 1/2 of the extra examples and four times the practical policy advice. They focus on what government should do, but not on people making them do it. This is a theoretical framework with references to Brazil, which is a start, I suppose.

All in all, the book was a good read and framed a lot of issues well. The examples are interesting and the analysis fresh and totally sensical. I’d recommend it if you are at all interested in environmental policy. If you want to borrow my copy, it’s available.

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