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Solar Homes and Coming Home

I did get to the solar decathlon twice- I’ve posted albums of the trips here and here.  Or maybe you saw the sneaky links at the side?  Maybe.  Germany won- understandable, theirs looked pretty cool, but I was a fan of VT’s, personally, and that’s a lot coming from a UVA grad.  You’ll see interiors and exteriors of both in the second (Day 2) album, and more details are on the Solar Decathlon website.

It’s been a bit of a couple months for sure.  I’ve gotten a lot done, though, apps started for grad school,  got the GRE out of the way Monday, midterms are over, and so I’ll be back here more from now on.  Now I’m feeling golden, or at least bored by working all the time.  Planning a trip to New York in a few weeks in part to check out some green buildings up there, but in the meantime there’s lots going on here to tell you about.  Which I will.  Next time.

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