Democratic Primary on Tuesday

The winner will go up against Bob McDonnell (Republican, unopposed in the primary) in the VA Governor’s election later this year.  Both primaries are being held on Tuesday, actually, and you can pick which one you want to vote in- doesn’t matter if you’re registered for a party or not, since VA has open primaries. More boxes to pick from on the Democratic ballot, though, making that one more fun.

Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe, and Brian Moran are all running in the democratic primary.  I’ve linked there to their home pages (via their Energy and Environment platforms!  Creigh has both, Terry only has energy).  Read up, do some googling, and go vote, if only for the sticker.

My two cents:  I’ll be happy if McAuliffe loses.  The guy is the wrong kind of carpet-bagger.  I’ll be confident if Deeds wins, because I think he has the best shot against McDonnell in the statewide election, since he is the most suited for reassuring moderate Republicans it’s ok to go blue.  It’s the only reason he gets elected to anything in the first place- he comes from a very conservative area.  Also, both his names are awesome.

That said, Moran is the only candidate of the three to oppose offshore oil drilling and the new coal plant in Surrey, he’s got a 100% rating of environmental looooove from the League of Conservation voters, and his environment and energy policies are the best presented and most fleshed out of the three, on their websites.  He’s based in Northern VA, though, and I can very easily see the statewide race devolving into a continuation of the presidential election’s Real VA vs Fake VA mess.   Having had the good fortune to grow up in Real VA, I find it a nice place to be from, and I’d rather the politicians not have a particularly damaging arguement, pitting state against itself.  We know how the last war of northern agression civil war here ended.  ‘Course, Fake VA swung the state blue in Webb’s run, and Obama’s, and we’re a big part of the reason the last two governors have been Democrats, so I bet we could take them.  Bring it.

Check out more political analysis and some recent polls from DailyKos– Deeds is ahead in the primary, but about 30% of people are undecided and there’s probably going to be low voter turn-out- so yes, your vote does matter.

(Oh also there is a primary for Lieutenant Governor at the same time but I have no idea- you’re on your own.)

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