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Eco City Cafe Thursday Night

6:00, Lee Center, March 19th, another open session on the Eco-City plan medium and long-term goals.  Get all your ideas heard- they’re open until 9pm.  Check out the website for more details.

Maybe I Want To Be A Planner

Check out this NYT article on proposals for the future development of Paris– community gardens, social equity, and pretty trains!  Also,  I saw a great exhibit on green city planning at the National Building Museum while I was ducking a drawing class a couple weeks ago- it’s open until late October, and the museum is free and just there at Judiciary Square in DC.  GO already.

I’ve been asking around at the VA Tech Alexandria campus Urban Planning program.  Why build one house when you can build a full context for life? I do indeed crave this power.  Hm, yes.

The Paris contest is called “Grand Paris”.  You can find more pictures here.

Vegetables I Have Known

Specifically, known this last week:

Tuesday: V baked sweet potatoes and steamed some broccoli.

Wednesday: Something tofu-full leftover from a Monday lunch at a Thai place.  There were a ton of vegetables.

Thursday: Vegetarian sushi for lunch.  It saves me both the “sustainable fish?” “raw fish from the work cafeteria?” worries.  I tossed a pepper and onion into the pasta for dinner.  The pepper was aging and a bit soft, but tasted way better fried in a little olive oil with a little sausage and onion.  I learned to not give up on odd-looking vegetables.

Friday: Oops.

Saturday: EcoCheap and his wife had people over for corned beef and cabbage, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day- cabbage!  And I liked it!  They cooked it with potatoes, carrots, and something else- but it was tasty as anything.  Thanks, guys!

Sunday: Is not over yet.  I remain hopeful, but it’s likely I’ll put off cooking anything- too tired to wait for the potatoes.

So far, not terrible.  I haven’t varied my vegetable consumption yet, and I’m still eating meat with most meals.  This is a much easier project when you have a cooking partner, and make enough for leftovers.  I packed lunch twice last week, which is a start.

In other news, I’m moving again.  Yeah, I know, every six months like clockwork, hunh?  I’m hoping this is the last for a long time.  It goes down Friday, so I might not have much time to cook from now to then, so it looks like a good week for raw veggies.  After that, I have a kitchen all to myself, so let the games begin.

Goal: Eat My Vegetables

March 9th, hunh?  Fancy that.  But I’ve settled on a goal, finally:  I’m going to work on eating my vegetables for the rest of the month.  It’s good for me, it makes my mom happy, and it helps me out with the reducing carbonful meat products- plus, it forces me to cook a little.  I have already thought of a new way to prepare salad greens!  Now, I roll them in a tortilla, and have a tortilla and arugula wrap.  It would probably taste better with some other stuff, but it’s fast, cheap, and it gets a whole lot of rabbit food in me, with no fuss.

I imagine there are better ways to go about that.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not really a cook.  But I’ll tell you what vegetables I ate and how, day by day, and work on preparing them with more or less intricacy.  So, new exciting recipes!  I’d promise three a week, but I think we’re all wise enough to not believe that.  As I am inspired, then.

Also, did you guys know there’s an environmental film festival going on in DC this month?  Anybody want to go?  I’m game for most stuff, except that one where you hear the guy get eaten by a bear.

Recipe: Double Sauce Pasta

Warning: Only the laziest of vegetarians should even consider making this.

Once you have determined that you are a lazy enough vegetarian, here are two reasons for you to attempt this recipe, specifically:

1) The thought of eating just one kind of pasta sauce AGAIN makes you want to throw all your tortellini out into the snow (yes, this makes you a certain kind of difficult person).

2) You do not have enough of one kind of pasta sauce to cover your tortellini to your taste (this means you fail at groceries).

Either way, you need:

Some alfredo sauce

Some tomato sauce

Pasta of some variety you like

Make the pasta according to the instructions on the box.  You don’t need all the water they say you do (I knew that by myself, the NYT people had to call chefs and ask if it was cool, since they are ludicrous).  Frozen pasta is pretty good nuked- uses less energy, both personally and householdwise.  Stick on the leftovers of whatever jar of tomato sauce (or alfredo sauce) after you drain the pasta.  Open the new jar of alfredo sauce (or tomato sauce) and dollop on the rest to your taste.  Mix together the pasta, tomato sauce, and alfredo sauce. Cap the rest of the second jar and stick it int he fridge for the next batch. You’re in luck if one of the jars has a garlic flavor!

Eat this mix of sauces, and you will grok the meaning of Gestalt.  I know I did.

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