Environmental Action Plan Is A Go

The Open House Monday night in the bowels of the Lee Center was well-attended, though it was hard to tell who was an innocent civilian and who was with the VA Tech group or the City.  I dropped in and got a copy of the EAP, read through it, and was very pleased.  This is the list of the real stuff Alexandria is going to be doing to become an Eco-City: goals, maneuvers, plots- stuff that, if the City doesn’t do it, we will be able to tell, and get mad at them for it.  I do enjoy accountability.

Representatives from the City explaining various aspects of the plan (8 or 9 main bits, check it all out at the Eco City website, there’s a linked .pdf) were stationed all around the room, and after a bunch of speeches on the process, we were made to ask them questions and give them suggestions.  At this point, I had to go home and do my homework and cook dinner, etc.

I like what I had time to see, and I’ve gotten a few emails reminding me to keep up with them since.  Just from the faces of those attending, thought, it looked like the same people who showed up for the Summit.  Fortunately, during the speech portion, it was emphasized repeatedly that the City is aware of this.  Part of the Plan is a series of community projects, aimed at both making Alexandria nice and getting lots of people all over the City involved in this.  Hope it works out!

I look forward to being able to pitch in on some of the projects.  Going to meetings and filling out surveys is one thing, but I’ll feel much more active cleaning a waterway or whatnot.

Read the EAP Phase I and take the survey on what you think about it at the VT Eco-City website.

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