GreenFestival: Part 1

Part 2 is where I talk about the exciting intellectual part, so part 1 is mostly about how I like their decorations.


I liked their decoration ok, though that colorful thing belongs at a preschool, not at the Convention Center.  More photos in the albumz.

I headed over to GreenFestival Sunday (EcoCheap saw the McDonough talk Saturday, so I’ll link you to him when he blogs on it- EC!  BLOG!), and I’m bad at reading charts, so I didn’t see Barbara Ehrenreich speak.  But I did wander around confusedly, and take things from vendors, and pay $5 for mango juice, and see Robert Engelman’s talk on More.

First, I don’t exactly recommend you go to the GreenFestival just to wander around the booths.  They had a bunch of different kinds of booths- fair trade sellers, national organic brands, organic groceries, Planet Green, a bunch of advocacy groups running the gamut from suits to hippies, green builder companies, etc.   Plus people selling mostly vegetarian food, but I’d had breakfast.  So there’s lots to see, but mostly so you can take a flyer or a free sample or get interrogated about your planned home renovations.  The fair trade shopping was very gifty-for-gift sake.  If this is your thing, do enjoy.

No, go for the speakers!  The speakers were all great.  I assume.  EC said his was great, the talk I saw was great.  Definitely go for that- they offer a ton of topics (yes, LITERALLY), and plenty of juice for your mind grapes.  No, fertilizer so you get plenty of juice from your mind grapes.  Yes, better analogy.

Anyway, the highlight for me was Engelman’s talk, since it cleared up some of my confusion after reading his book.  I also got to have a short chat with him.  That will be part 2.  If you want a shorter (than his book) summary of his book, he recommends you try this review at CultureChange.  See, now I don’t even have to review it! Part 2 accomplished.

I will anyway, since that is the nature of a blogger.

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