The Lamest of Ducks

America did a serious, considered, and inspiring thing yesterday.  Let us savor this for a minute.

Now let us take a deep breath, and smile.

Now let us dance in the streets!

Good.  Now to work.  The current administration still has 76 more days to pile up the mess they’re leaving behind.  With the help of the his flacks Stephen Johnson and Dirk Kempthorne at the EPA and the Interior Department, Bush will spend his last days rolling back environmental regulations around the country.  From a NYT editorial summarizing the planned changes:

In coming weeks, we expect the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a final rule that would weaken a program created by the Clean Air Act, which requires utilities to install modern pollution controls when they upgrade their plants to produce more power. The agency is also expected to issue a final rule that would make it easier for coal-fired power plants to locate near national parks in defiance of longstanding Congressional mandates to protect air quality in areas of special natural or recreational value.

Interior also is awaiting E.P.A.’s concurrence on a proposal that would make it easier for mining companies to dump toxic mine wastes in valleys and streams.

These men have betrayed their public trust time and again:  it should not surprise us that they will continue to do so as long as they hold any power.  It should, however, make us mad.  The Obama administration must reverse these policies, and take the responsibilities of the Int. Dept. and EPA seriously.  Fortunately, as with most things, the Pres-elect is on it already.

He’s considering Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the position of EPA head.  Kennedy is an environmental lawyer and environmental activist.  Puttin’ the protection back in the Environmental Agency, whoop!  Well, except for that time he was all against the wind farm off Cape Cod, that was not very helpful.  So, mixed bag, but overall good.

I’m looking forward to hearing more on the cabinet over the next few weeks, but the first news is all right.

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