Why Yes, I Have Been Thrifting

And it’s been so long since I posted a trip that you get three in one. I think I spent about $60 all told. Yes, I did, because I can check that in my online banking now! More on that to follow.

But here you are. The big album, and the selected thumbnails.

When I am thrifting, I occasionally find myself buying items simply because no one else will love them for their own ugly selves, like I do.  For instance, my new bowling outfit:  you see it to the left of a button down printed with a topographical map, which the GF wears handsomely.  Poor shirt.  I will give it closet space, and find a 70s party to wear it to occasionally.  It is safe with me.

It gets classier, though.  I found a Banana Republic blouse with a back-button detail, and a blouse that appears to have frilly gills.  Plus, I got a (second) pair of pants- navy Dockers.  My jeans thanked me.

Then there are the wonderful things.  My skirt with polka dots!  I will wear it with boots.  Plus, a boxed set of Italo Calvino’s novels- I’d been reading If on a winter’s night a traveler on loan from the library, and it’s the kind of book I need to own.

Thrifting makes me ask myself the hard questions.  Why do I not wear more sequins, for instance? How come I haven’t worn a belt in 10 years?  How many colors can I combine and get away with? Most retail stores have one style that they sell, and you might as well wear a cookie cutter (unless it is cold).  Thrift stores have everything from nice to ludicrous, and you get to pick your combos. It’s an odd sensation, having clothing that I enjoy wearing, and it causes all sorts of irrational exuberance when I get dressed these days.  For the longest time, my personal style has been “does it smell clean? is it pants? ok”.  It is high time to shift that to “I do feel happy in whatever this outfit is”.

2 Responses to “Why Yes, I Have Been Thrifting”

  1. 1 Queen of Fifty Cents September 26, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    I do love that sense of freedom with thrifted clothing. Not only in styles and combinations, but also in not having to worry about damaging something if I spill on it (which I will) since it cost almost nothing. And I never dry clean–I hand wash the so-called dry clean only stuff and they usually turn out just fine!

  2. 2 Smalley October 27, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Where are the good thrift stores around here?!

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