Unemployed At Last

Yesterday was the last day at my old job, and I start the new one in a week and a half.  During my brief unemployment, I hope to address the problem of my budget, sew everything, get a passport, and rearrange my garden for the fall.  This might not be realistic.

I’ve kept my spending journal for a couple of weeks, and the biggest thing I need to eliminate is food.  Not like all food, just the fast food or sandwiches I buy because I’m away from home for all three meals a day and haven’t packed anything for myself.  So, I need healthy, easy, cheap, packable meals. And a lunchbox.  The GF appropriated my rocketship.

Last week I did a little better with not buying food out, because I had a large amount of foodstuffs left over from a housewarming party last weekend.  In order to eat it before it spoiled, I subsisted on cookies, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, apples, and hot dog buns with peanut butter on them for most of the week.  I earned that this is no way to live.

I’d list plans for meals now (cook up a large amount of cous-cous or rice and a small amount of meat!  Chop vegetables!  Combine as necessary!) but I’m headed to New York for the weekend, to check out the exhibit on pre-fab housing at the MOMA, and to investigate how my finance friends are doing (not answering their emails, for sure…not that I blame them).  While there, I plan to mostly eat food from carts.

So, catch you when I get back.

3 Responses to “Unemployed At Last”

  1. 1 ecocheap September 23, 2008 at 11:34 am

    Nice, mabye you can join the regular lunch group (packed lunches, YAY!) that we have going on… again. Anyway, can’t wait to see your smiling face over in my building!

  2. 2 hater September 23, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    did you put ketchup in the mac and cheese? that’s the only way to live. yay for the madison building!!!

  3. 3 virescent September 25, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    hater, you are the only ketchup/mac’n’cheese fiend I know. It may please you to know that I purchased ketchup for the housewarming occasion specifically on your account.

    Soon we will all meet in gainful employment! I forgot! That’s going to be awesome. Not as awesome as sleeping in all day, but as awesome as drawing a legitimate paycheck.

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