Progress: Better

I spent the bulk of August trying to get better at my past resolutions.  I dumped some compost into the garden, planted my fall crops, and practiced shower-water reduction.  Actually, not true, I spent the bulk of August looking for a new job.  But I did the other stuff, too, and it would appear that compost actually works.  Before and after shots of my climbing flowers:

It used to bloom once every two weeks or so, but a week after the compost I had three flowers and it had gone all jungly!  Also, I killed some bromyliads, as you see, but that was not related to the composting.

And I’m a pro at Navy showers now.  Quiet, good month environmentally, plus I started classes again and I’m turning in my two weeks tomorrow, so great month for the rest of my life.

With all the brou-haha in the parts of life I don’t blog on, the blog has been sparse recently.  After a year, that makes sense:  I’ve done 11 whole things to be more eco-friendly!  What more could there possibly be?  I could turn this blog into a series of rants on how ridiculous I find various public figures, or pictures of the cat I borrow from my new housemates?

Enh, let’s just assume this environmental ennui is due to job-related stress, and switch it up a bit this month.  I’ll pick a goal that delivers a glancing blow to environmental problems, and works on some things I just need done, now.

I have this new job, see?  Or I probably do, the offer letter is not physically in my possession, so we’ll see.  I also have another part time job, to fill some gaps that might arise when the “real” job is offered.  Plus, I’ve got a few more semesters at my current school, then a Master’s Degree to save for, and one day I’d like to pay a mortgage, not rent, and one day I’d like to retire and spend most of my time dozing on a porch or traveling the world or something, so I need to keep saving hard.

Thus, it would behoove me to create a budget, and stop buying junk I don’t need- or at least limit junk-buying to a reasonable, set amount.  So, that’s the September plan.  Evaluate and better direct my finances.  Practice frugality, if not austerity (depending on what’s in that offer letter).

Now for the environmental reasons. Consuming less means less drain on resources, which is cool.  It would appear that most of what I buy these days is either edible or second-hand anyhow, but tracking my spending would help me figure out how to best conserve all sorts of things- what resources I’m really draining, too.  I’ll probably find out I should shop for groceries differently, and make more of my own food.   Also, on a more tycoonish note, I’d like to spend some time moving my fledgling investments to more environmentally-friendly areas.  Make sure I’m not investing in oil or anything I’m not a huge fan of.

Plus, with Christmas and a brother’s wedding coming up, I’ve got some presents to buy.  Good time to save, and consider how to get people nice gifts without violating my own shopping ethos.  Also:  can I afford to buy organic foods this month and get my brother an engagement gift?

PS:  To start out frugality with a bang, I signed up for six months at the Wardrobe Refashion site.  I’ve pledged to not buy new clothing for the next six months, but instead, to get it second-hand, alter it, or sew it myself.  Expect to see some projects posted soon!

2 Responses to “Progress: Better”

  1. 1 Katie September 8, 2008 at 12:59 am

    I think your 12th month goal is a very excellent, culminating goal. Keep up the good work. Good luck with the jobs and “other life stuff”. :0)

  2. 2 virescent September 10, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Thanks, Katie! It’s coming together, slowly..

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