Tire Blow-Out

Now that I bike to work again, I managed 2.5 rides between work and my home without incident.  This morning, my rear tire popped.  Adding injury to destruction, I whanged my ankle on a pedal while walking the thing through the metro stop.  So I’m bikeless for a bit, and now I hobble.  Hobble hobble.

The bike ride is pretty nice from my new place, actually.  I live at the top of a hill, which means I get to spend the first part of my morning flying downhill (in my impaired morning state, this is triply exciting) and trying not to think about how I’m going to get back up.  Commonwealth Ave has nice fat bike lanes, so I am not in as much danger of being run over as I feared.  This makes it a pretty ideal biking artery from Mt. Vernon/Del Ray to southern Alexandria.  Russell Rd and Mt. Vernon have much more traffic, and much less room.

Ecocheap (nee Biking Person) already had saved me a set of spare tires, since he thought mine looked suspect, though (since I have the best friends).  We can replace my back tire tomorrow, and I’ll be back on the roads, puff puff.

If you see me, do give an encouraging smile.  I’ll be the one walking up the big hills.

2 Responses to “Tire Blow-Out”

  1. 1 millie August 6, 2008 at 8:16 am

    I am saddened to hear of your injury – perhaps boots, cowboy or go-go, might help with your commute.

    Am gladdened to hear that the bike commute is better than you thought – with bike lanes and down hills there.

    Happy riding!

  2. 2 ecocheap August 6, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    I travel Commonwealth (almost) every time I commute by bike, and in general I find that traffic is very light, and what traffic is there is looking for bicyclists; so many use it that it’s uncommon not to see about 10 other bicyclists along its length, no matter what time I ride it. Tonight I saw about 10 people, and it was 8:30 and getting dark!

    I’m glad we got the new tires on today, we’ve got to get you a little kit for flats and the like, and see about some lights!

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