For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be posting more sporadically than usual.  I’m in the middle of another move, but it should be finished and I should be settled by the first weekend in August.  It’s a bummer that my current place didn’t work out, but I found a new spot in Del Ray with a bit more space, a courtyard for my container garden, and even a 20 ft sq. patch of grass, so I might try growing something in the actual ground.  I’ll be much further from work, but at least my bike will get used again.  As a bonus, my new housemates said they’d been thinking about starting a compost pile anyway, so my unit is welcome.

I’m excited to be there, but for now I’m still looking for boxes and trying to remember where I put my hairbrush, post-Wisconsin and mid-packing.

All of this hasn’t stopped me from the urge to visit second-hand stores, unfortunately.  I’ll spare every detail, but I found some awesome stuff at a flea market in Wisconsin, some basic clothes at the Goodwill at Arlington and Glebe (they also accepted my computer monitor at that location, which I can count as a moving/downsizing activity) and Spanish and Russian books at the Colombia Pike Goodwill.  I hadn’t been to any of the Goodwills around here until yesterday.  The Duke St. Salvation Army has a much larger selection, and I typically find a few things I like- the Goodwills were not so productive.  Of course, I went on a Saturday evening, and it appears they had been very well picked over.  Among the clothes was a nice orange wool sweater that someone had washed, to pre-felt for me.  So now I can cut it up and make something out of it (now it’s too small for anyone but a baby).  Oh, then today I might have spent a few minutes in the “Not Too Shabby” consignment and antique store on Mount Vernon.  Most of their stuff is pricey and highly-breakable, but I found two Horatio Alger books and my birthday present to me.

So enough with the rambling, here’s the highlights:

I found the flowered tray for a dollar- a dollar!- and the blue sparkly clip earrings (3$, bargained down from five, and goodness I love bargaining, even when one calls it “haggling”) at the flea market in Wisconsin.  It’s a great flea market- I also got a scarf and embroidered apron, and a few old books.  My birthday present, the penguin cocktail shaker, was $16 at “Not Too Shabby.”  I was just going to get myself a credit check for my birthday, but then I realized I liked me better than that.

Anyway, once I find boxes and get back to the office tomorrow, I won’t have so much time to spend looking through other people’s old stuff.

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