Slow Week

Not environment-wise, but rather on my part.  I’ve been sick since Wednesday and have fallen behind in both posting and the vegetarian challenge.  But I’m on the mend, and I’ll get back into this with a couple of quick stories about disgusting Presidential decisions on the environment from the past week.  Perhaps it is  just as well to only link and describe them briefly, because anger and outrage is wasted on these people.  Best to channel all that into ensuring our future governments are never this blatantly, loathsomely anti-science and anti-human, ever again.

Bush and his drones won’t recognize their own EPA’s conclusion that greenhouse gases are air pollution and regulable under the Clean Air Act.  Their oh-so-classy way of rejecting this decision?  Why, just refuse to open the report!  Because if you don’t read it, it means it’s not true!  Congrats to the White House, for bringing pushy stupidity to a new low.

Meanwhile, they were working on a way to squelch science that they accidentally found out about (one assumes that the EPA hid it in the President’s funny pages, and he read it while looking for the punchline to Family Circus).  Mukasey and Bush are withholding a number of pertinent documents from a Congressional investigation on Bush’s role in neutering greenhouse gas and smog regulations, on the grounds that releasing them is unnecessary to the investigation, and harmful to the office of the president (which trumps harmful to America now).  While the latter is simply ludicrous (if he’s doing something that would denigrate the “presidency” if openly known, that’s something we DEFINITELY need the documentation about), they’ve got a point on the former: the documents they already released are quite clear that Bush and his White House staff directly intervened on at least two occasions to water down smog regulation, and reverse EPA decisions on Californian fuel efficiency standards.  If that’s not enough to conclude that Bush’s political pressures are preventing the EPA from doing its job, Congress is dumber than they look.

Maybe it’s the virus making me pessimistic, but it feels like it’s really just the Bush administration making me sick.

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