Recycling CFLs

Seeing how I’m concerned with electronic waste this week, Bicycle Person asked for some advice on where to take his CFLs.  Thank you for the topical question, Biking Person! CFLs contain mercury, so while they can go in the regular garbage technically, they’ll leak hazardous waste if you stick them there. So when civilization and the economy implode, and we have to mine landfills for raw materials, we’ll get mercury poisoning, and then we’ll really regret not disposing of the CFLs properly.

So Alexandria has a hazardous waste disposal drop-off site every Monday.  It’s open during regular business hours, of course, so that’s fairly inconvenient for most of us. Fortunately, this tool bar at lets you type in what you want to recycle, and your zip code, and returns local stores and government recycling programs in your area that might have more convenient hours.  Sometimes stores like Wal-Mart will have CFL collection days, too, so look out for those.

The bar is at the top of the site page. It’s green. Green! Original, that. I know I’m guilty, too. But it’s a good thing I actually really like the color green, or I’d get pretty annoyed surfing my fellow crunchy websites.

1 Response to “Recycling CFLs”

  1. 1 Biking Person June 8, 2008 at 12:51 am

    Actually, I could have just read the bulb… Those CFL’s have a ceramic-y portion at the bottom that houses the ballast, and many of them have printing on them to tell you what kind of bulb they are, watts, equivalent light output and so forth.

    Printed on the bulb: “Lamp contains mercury. Recycle in accordance with disposal laws. See” It actually links right to earth, along with EPA’s site and a couple of other useful links.

    Looks like

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