Email From the Mayor

As a follow-up from the Eco-City Summit on May 10, a form email was sent out by the Mayor to the participants thanking us for attending and letting us know about what’s next:

The “Eco-City Alexandria” efforts continue to move forward with a public hearing on June 14 to consider approval of the Eco-City Environmental Charter. Additionally, City officials, the Environmental Policy Commission (EPC), the Department of Transportation & Environmental Services (T & ES), in collaboration with the Virginia Tech Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, will continue the Eco-City Alexandria initiative by working to create an Environmental Action Plan.

For more information on the Eco-City project, please visit or Residents interested in the Eco-City initiative can also e-mail .

Ok, so June 14th, at the public hearing, the EPC is going to present their final draft of Eco-City principles, and the council will, or will not, approve them. What’s left for the us to do? Well, the public can attend the City Council hearing, which is going to be held in Council Chambers and begins at 9:30 in the morning. I assume the Council Chambers are in City Hall, since I can’t find any contrary address. And it looks like public hearings take longer than regular council meetings, on average, and vary from 3 hours to almost 8 hours. Dockets and minutes from past hearings (public and regular) are posted here, along with links to video and audio recordings of the goings-on.

I’m not sure whether to go to the public meeting the 14th.  On the one hand, I’m happy with the changes to the principles, and I haven’t got anything to add now, and it’s probably going to be intensely boring.  On the other hand, I’ll learn a lot, I’m sure I could leave early if the presentation is near the top of the list, and, having survived one public hearing, I’d be more comfortable attending others.

Maybe if they serve doughnuts they’ll tip the scale, but I’ll continue to think on it.

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