Long Weekend Thrifting

My Memorial Day holiday started early. I picked up a shelf to take my garden partially vertical, and stopped by the Unique Thrift Store on New Hampshire Ave. The haul was prodigious:

purple teeshirtturquoise dressflower blouseblue shirtpink jacketpr teeshirtpenguin pindino pinknot earringsbrass bowlgreen planterswan plantermetal planterdinosaur cufflinks

A purple tee shirt. A turquoise tunic that looks to be the upper half of an Indian outfit, and handmade. The picture doesn’t show it, but the material has a purple sheen, and it’s gorgeous. It feels like cotton. I’m going to insert some fabric into the slits at the side and make it a dress. A white blouse with blowsy green and blue roses that was designed for a person without hips, so alteration is needed. A navy blue blouse. A pink jacket that should do nicely if I have to hang out with any grandparents this summer. And a green tee shirt from Puerto Rico that I’m going to do something exciting to. Then the jewelry- a rhinestone penguin! And a dinosaur pin- no tag on that guy, since I’ve been wearing him since I left the store. I also picked up a little pair of earrings shaped like knots. To top off the frivolity, I got a little bronze bowl with a teal and red dyed pattern- you know, since all the other bowls I have aren’t cool enough for my rhinestone penguin. I very rarely pick up knick-knacks at thrift stores, but this one called to me. Oh, and I got three planter pots, since I’d planned a huge garden overhaul this weekend, and since I found one shaped like a swan. The long boxy one was a splurge- 12$! But perfect for carrots.

My favorite find was for my Gentleman Friend. It’s a pair of T Rex cuff links! Nothing says “I Love You” like roaring cuffs. All together, I spent $60.

More photos here.

2 Responses to “Long Weekend Thrifting”

  1. 1 The Queen of Fifty Cents May 26, 2008 at 9:27 am

    What fabulous finds! Love the cufflinks–you’re so right about their romantic possibilities, especially if your gentleman friend happens to be a Klingon. ;o) And the long planter is wonderful!

  2. 2 virescent May 27, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    Thanks! He likes them! Only I didn’t realize he didn’t have any French cuffs…

    Oh well, maybe now he’ll find some.

    I’ve got carrots in the planter already.

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