50 MPG, Ladeeez

If you are looking to attract yourself a wummun, GM posits that you should be driving a hybrid.  According to their polling data, 88% of women would, hypothetically, be more interested in a person with a snazzy, fuel-efficient car than a snazzy muscle car.  Not that those are mutually exclusive, but GM does like to present it that way.   Doesn’t sound like the most scientific survey, really, but I think for GM to arrive at that kind of consumer sentiment, it has to mean something.

I found the link via Autopia, the Wired car blog, in an article musing on how quickly gas prices are moving customers to more efficient cars, and how long it’s taking the car companies and government officials to wake up to that reality.  Hope they come-to soon, though, the US auto industry is doing badly enough as it is without misinterpreting demand.

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