Target’s Ec(l)othing Line

Speaking of oddly fictional-sounding names, Rogan Gregory has designed a line of clothing made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and linen that Target will get on the shelves tomorrow. Like, 100% organic cotton, not like “we were thinking really hard about organic cotton when we made this”. They’ve even put up a little video (mid-page) with the design team and pictures of solar panels and windmills, so you know it’s environmentally friendly.

I’m stoked they’re using their purchasing power to make organic cotton viable for mass-production, and that they’re slipping it into the mainstream mass “fashion”. Unfortunately, Rogan seems to equate “nature-friendly fashion” with “animal prints”, which aren’t so much my thing, and some of the clothing looks pretty typically trendy. But I’ll check it out, and use my purchasing power to encourage this sort of behavior if they have anything nice. If you’re avoiding them because of their typical bad big-box ways, consider reconsidering for this, if you like any of the organic stuff. Positive reinforcement works best with babies and dogs, so hopefully it’ll do well for Target, too.

More detailed information and pictures of the “looks” are here, along with pricing information.

3 Responses to “Target’s Ec(l)othing Line”

  1. 1 Jaynee May 19, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    I think I’m more of a “Look 3” than a “Look 4″….

    Great that Target’s on board with this, although my suspicious bones wonder what ugliness might underlie their carrying the product line. I’ve been so tainted in my almost 10 years working for a corporation, it feels nigh impossible to believe anyone does anything without a financial motivation.

    We’ll check this out. Ellee has been buying more “Meg skirts” at Unique these days, so she’d probably be jazzed about what Target has to offer. Bet they can’t beat the Unique price points, though…

  2. 2 virescent May 20, 2008 at 12:05 am

    They’ve posted the pieces online and, oh dear. ( It all looks awkward. Tube tops? Seriously?

    And the zebra-striped leggings!

    Also I was looking through the materials, and a bunch of the pieces are marked as “cotton” and only a few as “organic cotton”- I got a distinctly different impression from the press releases, but why wouldn’t they label the stuff correctly on the site?

    Maybe I’ll visit the local store and see if anything is more acceptable in person- I was just hoping for a simple tank top in a nice color, those can be hard to find thrifting- but I find a lot of the stuff just silly-looking. Oh well.

  1. 1 Target’s Organic Experiment: Oof « Virescent Trackback on July 1, 2008 at 11:06 pm

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