Update: Seeds Work, Right?

latent plantsI’ve got 4 pots of seeds started, and I’m nervous. I got packs of lavender, chives, and morning glories at Target (I was there, they were there, I wanted to plant things, it made sense at the time), soaked them overnight in water, and planted them the next day. It’s been two days, and nothing. I planted them Monday night. I ran down Tuesday morning like it was Christmas, and I was five. Nothing. How long does it take these things, anyway?

I’m nervous because I want to know if they’re alive, and I want to know if I did it right. I soaked them, then put them in dirt. Was it too wet? Not enough dirt? The wrong kind of dirt? Are they draining? Do they need to drain? Are they too close together? I just want some green fuzz to pop up so I can stop wondering already. Growing stuff is supposed to be like magic- dirt, water, sun, tiny seed, then boom, a green pepper. It’s apparently slow magic.

Baby KalanchoeI have one little guy growing in the pots already, actually. He’s the child of my kalanchoe, which I’ve had for two years- the longest I’ve kept anything alive. Apparently it managed to reproduce this winter when it was in the window next to the empty pot, so neat. I guess this should be some sort of lesson for me in the inexplicable and powerful life forces of plants, but I just want to see my lavender work.

Actually, it’s been dark and dreary the last few days. Maybe they just want some bright sunshine? Maybe they’ll come up tomorrow. It should be sunny then.

I’m impatient because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m also impatient because I doubt my ability to keep things alive. Deep down, I know how many plants I’ve killed. Lavender on the way?I imagine the poor things cowering underneath their dirt covers, terrified of the day when they wake up to my clumsy care.

Plants, everywhere, know this: I mean you no harm. I’m trying. I’m getting better. I promise not to overwater you, and to look up your preferred sun to shade ratios. I promise to make you compost and research how to make you happy and strong, by asking wiser gardeners and googling things. I promise to prune you. Just come up, and we’ll be cool, ok? Please?

At least the pot of latent lavender looks nice on my repainted green plate.

6 Responses to “Update: Seeds Work, Right?”

  1. 1 merlotmudpies April 10, 2008 at 1:25 am

    I can’t stop laughing at this post because I just broke my promise to myself after four days and dug in some dirt on my windowsill to see if my okra was beginning to sprout. It was! I screamed and covered it with dirt again — gently so as not to beat it down before it’s sprung up all the way.

    Seeds work. I promise. And as a possibly reformed black thumb, I pat you on the back and hold a fist in the air in unity with you.

    Also, if you want some FANTASTIC information on growing things from seed, I highly recommend the forums over at You Grow Girl. Specifically, their section on seeds. Makes sense, yeah?

    Seeds, Seed Starting and Growing on You Grow Girl

  2. 2 Julie April 10, 2008 at 7:05 am

    Oh LOLOL…you are cracking me up! What a sweet and humorous post! You know, all you can do is keep trying, and learning! Do you have a drain hole in bottom of pot? Are all your seeds planted in one container? I’m sure you will get some seedlings, but then you may have to separate the different plants (they probably have different growing requirements. I know the Morning Glory will climb …you will need a fence or a trellis for it. It runs wildly all through my backyard! I’ve never grown Lavender, chives will be good. I know chives need full sun, as do most herbs. I want a potato with sour cream and chives right now!!! LOL.
    Good luck…it will take a few more days…the sprouting is not as fast and we like…but it’s fun while you wait, eh?????
    Come visit my blog…(Hey…by the way, you have gotten me interested in trying some seeds now….hmmm…what to plant?????)

  3. 3 virescent April 10, 2008 at 7:38 am

    Most of the pots do have drain holes- the only one that doesn’t is the kalanchoe pot. I’ve got a few morning glories in with him, and a few in the small orange pot.

    I checked again this morning. There were a couple tiny bulbous things in some hollows of the chives pot, so I pushed a little dirt back over them- they were bright green, at least. So maybe!

    Thank you guys for the tips and encouragement! Your succulents are beautiful, Julie, and nice work on the okra, merlot! I’ll try to hold off on digging them up for a few days.

  4. 4 Gentleman Friend April 10, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    Lawl! I [very closely almost] sprayed my orange juice on my monitor reading this.

    As Michael Crichton said (through Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park), life will find a way. It’s so much bigger and scarier than humanity, and it’s arrogant of us to imagine that we can “kill” the planet. We could nuke it into a smouldering, ash-choked sphere, but stuff would keep living. Cockroaches in nuclear shelters. Bacteria under the permafrost. Tube worms on volcanic sea vents. Twinkies.

    Just give your seeds a little nudge in the right direction and they’ll do fine. Don’t let them watch too much TV. Lavender in particular is hard to kill; most ‘herbs’ as we know them are weeds, and are pretty good at outcompeting other vegetative species.

    I demand pictures of sprouting things!

  5. 5 virescent April 10, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    Sure, I’m not going to kill the whole planet, but this is all cold comfort for those mums I killed last winter. And that other thing. It might have been a tearose? And most of my vegetable plants last summer. And…wait, you did know I killed things, didn’t you, dear?

  6. 6 millie April 10, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    Do look on the seed packets and check for the # of days to germination. Radishes are very fast – they pop up in days!

    A certain someone I know asks if we have tomatoes yet, right after he has planted the seeds – so this anticipation is part of the satisfaction of growing your own!

    We look forward to hearing progress reports – also – try basil – it is prolific and will grow back when cut for use.

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