Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad

My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary with us this weekend. It’s a good time to point out that a big chunk of my inspiration for all this sustainability stuff was their doing. I was raised composting, hanging washing on the line to dry, and freezing all winter since the thermostat was set so low. One of the big taboos at home was leaving the bathroom light on.

This was all very annoying when I was a child. Sweaters indoors seemed like a way lame plan- why did we invent indoor heating anyway?- and I got pretty sick of hearing about how much electricity the drying machine used. I just wanted fluffy towels like in the commercials.

Tonight I’ve got my washing on a rack in the spare room, and seeds soaking downstairs to be planted tomorrow, and the heat’s been off for weeks- I’ve been wearing a sweater all day. I shut off the lights in the kitchen and bathroom compulsively. This is all my parent’s fault.

Mom and Dad taught me to live frugally, to distinguish between my wants and needs, and to budget. They taught me how small things can add up- especially in electric bills. They taught me to keep myself busy without a tv. They taught me to make things with my own hands. They taught me to go outside and play. They taught me not to waste anything. They apparently taught me better than I realized.

So thanks, guys, for living together so wisely and well for the last 25 years. You’ve been the best role models we could want, and we’re working on living up to your example.

1 Response to “Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad”

  1. 1 millie April 10, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Dear lovely child of ours,

    As Dad and I began to read your post, we laughed at your memories of our frontier life…was it that bad? Then we read on through misty eyes.

    We did make a conscious decision to move to the country so that we could influence you more than the “neighborhood,” not realizing how much clout we would lose when you got on the school bus once you started kindergarten. Annual treks to Wisconsin and Tennessee were mandatory because we strongly believe family. Where you come from can give you insight into who you are.

    We still believe in composting and gardening, even more so since we find we have more time now. We still have peppers, beans and tomatoes in the freezer from last summer. And we still wear sweaters in the house and dry the sheets and towels on the clothesline. And we are still frugal when it comes to things.

    You were influenced also by some of the families of your friends, especially in high school. They too, in their own ways, embraced simpler values and honest lifestyles.

    We fell very rich and very blessed to have the privilege to be parents to you and your brothers. Can’t wait to see what the next 25 years has in store for each of you!!

    We are very proud of the wonderful person you are. Thank you for the anniversary “shout-out!”

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