Craft On

It’s Wednesday, and you deserve my monthly goal. While fretting on the topic, I came up with some great ones for April and later, but this month is a hard fix. First, it’s almost half over, second, I’m so busy with work and school and home that I don’t have much time to really get into anything and not make a shambles of it. But there have been signs pointing me in a happy direction, and today was the last (fortunately for my imposed deadline).

Another good friend is putting her skills to pretty use- I’ve linked her etsy store above, also- and I almost stepped on my knitting for the fourth time this week, and thus March is handcrafting month. It started out that way anyhow, at least in my dreams. I’ll be finishing the projects I’ve started, and definitely planning grand new ones. And you’ll get pictures. And I’ll get something to relax with, in between all the time I spend eating toast and being at work all the time.

Here’s the sustainability part of it, and it’s got very little to do with the environment, *gasp!*, handmade and repurposed bits aside. My life is unbalanced of late, and some knitting (and perhaps figuring out how to crochet, once and for all? and doing something with those 50 dead cds? and designing that shelf and wine-glass rack for our living room?) and quality time with my fingers busy and the rest of me relaxed is absolutely necessary. I alway have plans and project ideas in my head, and relegate them to last priority (pushy homework and greedy paychecks elbow their way to the top). There my clever plans fester and wilt my mind with their noxious fumes of wasted potential. In pursuit of world health, I will first look to my own: Sanity, meet our yarn collection! Shambles, begin.

Handmade update: Have all the necessary fabric for the Weighted Companion Cube. Gentleman Friend is rejoicing. Found an empty bobbin and the instructions for my nemesis, machine bobbin winding, and I can already smell victory (no lie like the cake, I hope.)

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