Progress: None

Except for the multicolored mold colony growing on my abandoned compost- they’re making great progress. It appears they’re about to progress from the agricultural age to the industrial age, though, so I should get all deus ex cleaning soon (wonder if they’ve invented literary traditions yet?).

So, when I said last week or so that all I needed to do was find some “live” dirt, I a) realized that here in DC, I have no dirt that I’m technically allowed to dig in, and b) started putting my life into boxes, limiting my time and energy to dress up like a ninja and dig a few handfuls out near the parking lot. Though actually, if I really wanted to be subtle about that, I should probably dress as a gardener.

I’m going to go ahead and declare this Compost Failure February. The stuff is gross enough that I just need to dump it, clean out the bin, and move it this weekend, then start over again.

Meanwhile, I haven’t had much time to put up some stuff, but here are a few quick links so I can get my blog on before I go set more things in more boxes.

1)The governor of Maryland is sponsoring a bill that would limit the state’s carbon emissions to 90% of something by 2050. That sounds nice, in the vaguest sense of nice. I heart lowering carbon emissions and all, but a bill that just says they should be lowered? All that is, is a bunch of dead trees and hot air. More concrete plans, please, MD legislature? I do wish to be impressed.

2)You know how those fashion industry types are all concerned about the planet and stuff, in between when they’re telling us to buy new clothing every 2-3 months? A show at the London Fashion week highlighted designers making ethically produced clothes– based on the principles of fair trade, sustainable fabrics and dyes, “timelessness”, and recycling fabrics. Estethica had hits and misses, (misses! har!), but most of their clothes were much more tastefully nice than the vast majority of fashion week freakiness. At their website you can look through the different designers and collections (I’ll highlight the ‘colouring changing knickers‘- my my. not exactly my ‘favourites’, but they have a certain cachet). It’s not exactly as sustainable as the Salvation Army, or making it yourself (with stuff from the Salvation Army!), but it’s better than fashion types usually do.

(get my blog on? argh. long day.)

2 Responses to “Progress: None”

  1. 1 Cameron February 20, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Aaaaaaaahhhh the compost! Now you see why old-schoolers prefer the great out door heap….set-it and forget-it! As for the mold, those bastards can’t grow in anaerobic (no oxygen) situations. Your starting material (banna peels and other discards) will most definitely have mold on it (it’s in the air), but giving the compost time to go anaerobic will kill off the spores with time (you also can’t keep opening it to check on it or else you let O2 in)! Aren’t you glad you have biologists for friends! The next time you set it up I suggestion you keep all of your discards in an airtight sealed bag with some dirt. When you get enough to fill your composter, add it in, then let it go without monitoring! Shaaazaam!

    Good luck with the packing! Don’t forget I’ll be in town interviewing 28-1st…..we should kick it like Tae Bo! Maybe I can see your new spot!

    Fashion-smashon! You’ll never convince Hollywood that making a Versace dress out of KoolAid dyed Hemp is going to be fashionable. They want Egyptian silk charmose beaded with blood diamonds and a baby seal wrap! It’s up to the lower consumers (Wallmart, Kmart, Old Navy and Gap) shoppers to demand these things. And all thow I say ha-za to Gap’s “Think Red” campaign….until I see the numbers on the impact it’s had on the people the campaign aimed to help….I remain unconvinced! It looks like British Petroleum (BP) rebranding as “Beyond Petroleum”……don’t hand me S#$t and call it cupcakes!

    Jadedly Yours


  2. 2 virescent February 20, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Yeah, my parent’s compost pile was way simpler than this is. But, we lived in the woods, and we could put it far away from the house, and no one was around to care about the smell. One problem that may be due more to my unit than the difficulty of growing cultures is insulation- the top and bottom openings aren’t as secure as I’d like them to be. But this stuff will need some air circulation to compost, so maybe that’s good?

    You can see it (and smell it!) when you come visit!

    And yeah, I agree on the fashion thing. Walmart sells organic teeshirts and socks (though the one near me seems to never have heard of this- they’re online, though). H&M has a growing organic line. And I’m not sure what the Gap thing is, but I’ve been avoiding them since they used Used pictures of Audrey Hepburn in ads last year, because I think that’s just wrong. Check out this BBC article on fashion- or even just “looking professional”- being an odd goal for environmentalists. To get taken seriously, they wear the stripey suits instead of sandals and hemp now, but that stuff is produced unsustainably, and you can’t bike around in it, and that defeats the idea of being an environmental activist. ( Personally, I enjoy smelling like I’ve showered when I’m in public, but he’s got a point.

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