NBC is going green this week by changing their normal website colors, giving you helpful tips (take shorter showers! buy organic food!), and featuring an ad for a (wince) hybrid SUV (look, I know they’re better than non-hybrid SUVs, and they’re safe and roomy and such, but still, I wince). The shows are environmentally friendly in theme: some guy on some show buys a solar farm! Some attractive violent woman goes to an “Awareness Gala”! This all sounds very thrilling, I’m sure. I don’t know anything about the rest of the line-up, but tomorrow night the two shows I do watch are on- The Office (Michael gets back to nature/runs off into the woods, hilarity ensues), and 30 Rock.  Al Gore will be on the latter show this week, along with that paleontologist from Friends and another lady who, according to Wikipedia, is from the Today Show.  I saw a preview for the episode with Gore in it, and I’m actually excited about it.  Not just because this is “my kind of thing”, but also because Gore should make fun of himself more often.  You’ll probably appreciate his performance even if you don’t like him: “A whale is in danger! I have to go.”

30 Rock is on Thursday at 8:30ET, followed by The Office.  If you miss them due to having a life, you can watch both episodes anytime you like at their websites- they get posted on Friday morning.

2 Responses to “GreeNBC”

  1. 1 Cameron November 12, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    Watched it. Loved it. Think that “being green” is becoming a powerless “isim” that everyone wants to associate themselves with but not commit to it. I hope that it not only becomes “cool to be green” but illegal to not be!! Our friends in the EU learned this 50 years ago, we are the younger more ignorant younger brother that hasn’t gone through the green-puberty yet! Here’s hoping our voices start cracking soon!


  1. 1 Update: Countdown « Virescent Trackback on November 27, 2007 at 11:05 pm

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