Progress: Biking to Work

I secured the crate on my bike today, and packed up to bike to work. I got a little lost, dropped my milk crate, found my milk crate, found myself, got really sore legs, almost got hit by a car, was blinded by the morning sun, and My Bike, Bike Friendswhanged my ankle so hard on a pedal while walking my bike that I limped until lunch. And it was all fantastic! No, seriously. I’m starting to understand Biking Persons better. The views from a bike are much better than from the bus, the air is much fresher, there are way more creepy tunnels and underpasses to zoom through, and a lot of people are out walking adorable dogs, so you can say good morning to them and be very pleased you’re not picking up dog doo at 7am. At work, my bike looked very fetching parked with all its new bike friends.

TunnelA view from my route: this is my creepy tunnel. And that is inside my creepy tunnel. It’s one of manyInside tunnels on the path, but it’s definitely the creepiest. But it’s cool, Mom! The path is well-marked and safe. I learned that a) my bike needs a few adjustments; b) I am out of shape to an Escheresque degree; and c) my milk crate has too many degrees of freedom with it’s current 1-bungee attachment. These are all easily fixed, and I’m very happy with the project: it’s wonderful to get home after work and feel the deserved dual exhaustions of a long workday and a good workout. Also, it turns out that my gel seat pad is strong evidence for the benevolence of God.

I also made it to Politics and Prose tonight, saw part of the talk, and picked up Break Through. Nordhaus, or perhaps Shellenberger, told me that they were under the impression that the book was printed on recycled paper. I didn’t press the non-toxic ink point. These guys talked a lot about Big Things, and sweeping cultural change, and massive economic restructuring, and other Important Stuff, but this book is not about what ordinary people can do to live a sustainable life, except I guess become lobbyists for their movement. I’ll let you know if it’s worth a gander once I read it.

2 Responses to “Progress: Biking to Work”

  1. 1 millie October 20, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    No comments? How could this description of pain gladfully gained have received no comments?
    Again, you know how two people feel about your commute…and the tunnel picture did not alleviate any angst on their part.
    I do appreciate very much what you are doing for our Earth – and you have inspired me to see to a few things more diligently. We already do the reusable containers and lunch boxes – but not as cool as yours. The bike to work is out – but I am carpooling most weeks. But I will see what else I can do – and like you will set some goals. Thank you for getting me thinking.

  2. 2 virescent October 21, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    Fine, fine, I’ll post lovely reassuring pictures of it later. The sunrise over the river! The well-lit paths!

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