Measuring PC Greenity

BusinessWeek’s special report on green tech (investing in, new trends, etc.) includes an article on a new rating system for measuring the greenness of PCs. The Electronic Product Environmental Assesment Tool (EPEAT) was

“designed by manufacturers and environmental groups to help institutions such as governments, schools, and businesses pick eco-friendly PCs. Computers submitted for EPEAT ratings have to first meet 23 required criteria covering hazardous materials, recycling, and power consumption. That scores them a bronze rating. To nab a silver or gold, they have to meet at least half or 75%, respectively, of a second list of 28 more rigorous criteria.”

BW points out that while businesses buying in bulk will pay attention to the EPEAT guidelines, most individual consumers care more about upfront cost and nerd cred than the environmental impact rating of a product. They conclude that since this is true, there’s not a reason to give consumers the additional information contained in this new rating.

Since this is a business mag, the lack of faith in the informed consumer must be forgiven. Though we shortsighted masses probably make our purchasing decisions based on cost, styling, or ability to frag n00bs, it’d still be lovely to have a chance to make an environmentally conscious decision (while fragging n00bs in style, cheaply). Not included in the article is a link to the EPEAT rating systems. 617 products have been reviewed and are searchable by product rating in the gold, silver, and bronze categories. Only 14 products got the gold- one of them is the $100 laptop design for the One Laptop Per Child program. Would tech people care to comment on whether or not the Gold medal winners are sweet systems and thus good choices for reasons beyond tree-hugging hippyness?

3 Responses to “Measuring PC Greenity”

  1. 1 Jaynee October 1, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    Okay, sweetest of peas… peas, of course: I’ve read as far as my sad aging brain will allow. Let me just pop my head in to say I LOVE the word Greenity.

    Greenity….greenity….greenity….greenity….greenity….This is goodity.

    Okay….that’s all I got for now,ity….nowity….nowity….nowity….Hey this concept has far reaching possibilities….possibilitiesity…possibilitiesity….

  2. 2 Biking Person June 5, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    I’m DYING with anticipation!! It’s been 27 whole hours!

    Let me know where you dump your old one, I have a CFL bulb that I’ve been hanging on to (aren’t those supposed to last SEVEN years? liars) because I seem to recall tossing those in the landfill = not the best practice ever.

  1. 1 I Bought A Laptop « Virescent Trackback on June 4, 2008 at 1:32 am

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